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Who we are​

Life is always on the run these days. We are stressed for time to sleep, time to play and most of all time to cook and even eat! Having a home cooked meal, cooked in slow style to preserve aroma, texture, taste and all the goodness of its ingredients is a luxury of our times. Fresh ingredients are hard to find and authentic recipes are hard to recreate at home.

At Foodhome we understand the transforming potential of a good meal delivered at the right time. We know that while you love rajma chawal any day, sometimes you crave for food from your native place. We also believe that a good home cooked meal should be affordable and accessible to  everyone.

Our Daily Offerings​

Our Daily Offerings​

Daily meals ​

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Occasion ​

Get Together, House party, office party

Subscription model

Weekly, Monthly Meal

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