How it Started

Our journey started in the hustle and bustle of Mumbai where people come from all over India to make a living and earn their daily bread. We saw people eating out over long periods and choosing junk food or unhealthy Indian meal preparations for lack of time to cook at home. Our friends and acquaintances began complaining frequent health issues resulting from an inadequate diet. This was unpalatable for us and we resolved to find a solution. We started small, with a single home chef providing home style , healthy meals, three times a day to office goers. We also reached out in our community with an appeal to people who would be interested in cooking home-style (good oils and fresh ingredients) meals for others. We received an overwhelming response, not only from our customers but also from our community of home cooks (of course mostly women!). We saw a tremendous potential, not only for a gastronomical respite from unhealthy eating options but also for empowering homemakers who cook at least three square meals a day without any financial rewards.

Solution we provide

At Foodhome we understand that a good, fulfilling home cooked meal at least once a day can make a world of difference to how energised and productive you feel at work, play and even during sleep. Our customers keep returning to us for repeated dollops of happiness, satisfaction and that “ghar ka khaana” feel. Our home chefs also prepare on demand authentic Indian recipes peculiar to specific state cuisines.

Our Mission & Vision

VISION: The  Foodhome envisions to be a company that makes fresh and healthy home cooked food affordable and accessible to those living away from home.

MISSION: The Foodhome intends to be the largest network of female home chefs that makes healthy and timely food delivery.